Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guess Where?

Well, you'll never guess where I went last night. Guess. Of course, you couldn't expect me to be in London and NOT visit my clock? So much inspiration all around. Speaking of inspiration, I made my way to the British Museum yesterday and drooled sufficiently over the Etruscan terracotta figures. (among other things) But not enough the flag security this time. Although I smile so much while wandering around the museum, people must think I am a total gooney bird. Right across the road from the British Museum is a fabulous gallery called Contemporary Ceramics.

If you want me to document anything while I am here for you let me know, send an email. Otherwise, you'll have to tolerate what I post.


Leanne E said...

Lots of interesting folk to watch in London! Hope you have a super trip :)

Victoria said...

Thanks, and yes lots of interesting people watching. Among other things!