Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Painted My Studio

Well I've done it again. I painted my studio yet again. I think this makes it 5 times in just over 2 years! Ha! But hey it's my sanctuary, it's my studio. A place that reflects the inner me (painted 5 times in 2 years... I think that makes the inner me a total wack-a-doodle).

Anyhow, here is a shot I took yesterday afternoon when I got in from work. I ran to the studio (to appreciate the new paint) and opened the blinds and the sun was just dazzling on the freshly painted coral colored walls (Valspar: Wet Coral is the actual color). And my little sculpture looked so dramatic with the light falling on it. The piece is unfinished. She is green (unfired) and I haven't titled her yet. While building her I kept thinking of the princess and the pea.I must google it because I can't remember anything other than the girl slept on a stack of mattresses and felt a tiny pea underneath it all.(or at least that sounds right).

If you get stuck for ideas, reflect your favorite childhood stories and illustrate them in whatever way you can. I'll post more images when the work is fired.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Exhibiting Member Piedmont Craftsmen

I received notification that my work has been juried into Piedmont Craftsmen located in Winston Salem, NC. Needless to say I am very excited as I have long admired the organization.

Since 1963, Winston-Salem, North Carolina has been home to Piedmont Craftsmen, Inc., a guild founded by craft artists and collectors to honor the work of the hand. I will be taking part in the Piedmont Craftsmen's 48th Fair November 18-20. There is an option to have a booth or submit 5 pieces for a group booth. Given my busy schedule I will most likely opt for the 5 pieces rather than a solo booth.November is a long time off and you can be assured as the time draws nearer I will keep you posted on the how, what and wheres.

The image I posted with this entry is called Besties. I am back to making my boxes with drawers. The little faces remind me of childhood, particularly my sister Kelly and I. (see the picture on my web site) We were besties.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Studio Shelf

Somebody recently posed the question, "do you wear anything special, lucky or magical while making art?" You know you hear stories about baseball players who wear special underwear or socks during important games. And it got me thinking for all of my 'out there woo woo' thoughts I don't do anything like that. There is no special apron or lucky charm. I do have a paring knife that I use 90% of the time and it's been my primary sculpting tool for almost 20 years but I think I could hit a grocery store and find another one if I had to.

I do know that I like a clean studio before I start to work. It's like I can't focus without everything in order.

The question did make me realize that I like surrounding myself with things that I find visually appealing. Here is an image the work table in my studio and a more detailed view of my shelf. There is a small portrait I painted of Jody, a small silver shrine I bought at the Tate Britain, a bird's nest my sister Virginia sent me. Just bits and pieces that make me think.

So is there anything you do when you prepare to work in your studio? Or are you like me and just do a happy dance because you get to make things?