Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pence Gallery, Davis California

I have 2 salt and pepper shaker sets on their way to Pence Gallery in Davis, California. They've asked me to have a solo show December 2013 and I will be in a group show at the gallery in April. Very exciting. So if you know anyone near Davis, CA send them to the gallery, or better yet go yourself.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

unloaded the kiln

I just unloaded a kiln and have all sorts of babies everywhere. Here's one I am calling Bulls Eye Birdie. Once again, on my angel/sister spin. Sometimes in life we don't know we too have wings which carry us through hard times. Or loved ones who have passed on and unknown to us are still watch over. I don't know about you but I imagine that people like my brothers Robert and Richard and mom and dad are now angels who watch over. And these "new found angels" don't wear big ol' Moses robes, nope they wear the same goofy stuff they wore down here on earth. Dirty socks and all.

I haven't decided if I am going to sell this one at a gallery or on Etsy. The wings are pretty big and I would have to charge more for shipping.We shall see.  It wold break my heart if the USPS broke it.  But if they speak to you I could entertain the thought of shipping... not sure. Either way I thought the colors were  nice and I like the ruddy sort of color in their faces.  

Thank you Art Junkie

I just got in from breakfast at the Farmer Girl diner where I stuffed my face with I swear the BEST blueberry pancakes in South Florida. And as a result I was feeling pretty happy with life. And then I read my email and then I realized that I could feel 100 times happier.

I received a message from a blogger called Global Art Junkie. As I read what they wrote about my art it really brought a tear of JOY to my eye. To know that something I made touched another person so deeply is so humbling.

Ironically this week I have been on spring break and as I have been working in my studio I have been watching past episodes of Oprah's Life Class (I know... TMI) but it got me thinking "how do I serve others?" I really have a desire to make some sort of difference in the world and touch the lives of others. I know I teach and that directly touches the lives of my students, but what about my art? Just this morning I said to myself "how do I know I am on the right path and am I making a difference to somebody or following my calling"?  It's almost as if the universe heard me, or Art Junkie heard me. It's really funny because as we race around in our daily life we don't know how something we say, do, or make will affect another person. I am honored and flattered that my art speaks to you Art Junkie. Thank you.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thanks to Florida Craftsmen Gallery

I seriously need to tip my hat and lavish adoration onto Diane Shelly and Maggie Duffy at Florida Craftsmen Gallery. Tomorrow Jody and I were going to hike up to St Petersburg to deliver art. However, it just so happened that Diane was down this way and offered to pick up my work for me. How totally nice is that? Seriously. How nice is that? So now I am not staring at a 4 hour drive (each way). All I can say is Wow.

The work gets installed at the Tampa Airport this week and there are a bunch of new pieces for the gallery on the way. Here are two pieces that you'll see at Florida Craftsmen this week. The first is a salt and pepper set which I totally love with sort of leaf forms on them. I am REALLY happy with the glaze. And the other is a double figure with a heart illustration on it. The title is Joined at the Heart for obvious reasons. So if you're near the gallery please stop by give a shout out to Maggie and Diane, they're SO nice.

Friday, March 1, 2013

What a Mess

Holy crap. I have to clean my studio. Look at what happens when I am ready to load a kiln. This week I was really pushing myself to work. Making 6 salt and pepper sets, 8 wall pieces (two of them are doubles), I glazed 27 coffee mugs for a charity event at South Shores Tavern here in Lake Worth, and one large winged boy all this week. My studio is a mess. I can't move, seriously I am relegated to putting work on the chair. Look at the tops of large figures stashed under my table. Open glaze bottles everywhere. Ugh, glaze on the floor. So dirty.

3 of the pieces on the wall are commissions and I haven't had time to photograph and list on Etsy. Can't focus until I clean. Are you like that too? It's like cleaning my space clears my mind.

Good news the kiln is loaded and I'll have some new work to show hopefully on Sunday. If the kiln Gods smile upon me).