Wednesday, August 13, 2008

End of One Journey- Begin Another

The bags are packed and one part of the journey ends. Today we head to a hotel near the airport in an effort to make tomorrow that bit easier.

This morning I finished reading a book Flash CS3 Professional and will hope to finish reading my second book on animation while on the plane. Which brings me to the next journey: Associate Professor with PBCC. I look forward to the semester and incorporating what I experienced this summer into the classroom. From the British Museum, to the Tate Modern, the hip graphics found in Temple Bar or the experience of painting pop art images it all about enjoying life and learning just a little bit more than you knew yesterday.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Glastonbury Rocks!

These photos were taken at the Glastonbury Tor in southwest England. There are many myths and legends associated with the Tor – some say it is the home of the King of the Fairies and is Avalon: the spot where King Arthur and Guinevere were buried.

The day we visited the Tor was shrouded in a misty fog. At times the peak was hidden by clouds from the windswept plains. It was a breathtaking sight and I understand fully why it is known as a magical mountain.

The view was worth every panting breath.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Crop Circle

Yesterday we drove all around the English countryside. On our travels we spotted a crop circle. It was so funny to see it. I mean how many shows or pictures have you seen of them and to see one just sitting right outside your window.

I didn't go into the center of the circle because it was in a farmers field and I couldn't didn't want to trespass. (I am just that kind of girl). But still it was very cool to see. Hope you like it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Poster for New Room

Jody and I finished painting the bar last night and we headed up upstairs to listen to some music, enjoy some libations, and unwind. However, we were stopped in our tracks when I looked up and saw one of my murals staring back at me.

This is a poster the Venue has put up to announce the opening of the new bar we have just painted. Great job Eddie. I wish we could be here for the opening, but I am sure I can browse the Venue's website and enjoy it from afar.

Seeing the poster really gives one a sense of ahhhh, I can now exhale. A job well done.

Mission Accomplished!

The painting at the Venue is basically done. We went last night and worked on the back of the room. We may go on Monday to give it a once over just to be sure it looks polished.

I added one more mural last night, Bond. James Bond. I found the poster for From Russia with Love and used that and took the liberty of adding a bullseye behind 007 and some smoke coming from his gun. (I think he always had some gun in his pants smoking, didn't he?)

If you are a fan of SNL watch this YouTube video spoof of Sean Connery on Jeopardy. They absoulutely CRACK me up. (suck it Trebek).

More good news. I went to a gallery in the East End yesterday and inquired about representation. I brought two little sculptures with me and showed them to the gallery director. She said the work was and I quote “exceptional”. She loved the concept and said she would LOVE to show my work. I have to get a packet together with CV and images and she said perhaps in the new year I could have my work included in a show. I will keep you all posted on the outcome.

Isn’t life great!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Great News- Gallery Sells Out!

I have great news to share, my gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida Craftsmen has asked to send more work as they have sold out!

The work was only delivered just over a month ago and this is seemingly the slow season. Needless to say I am thrilled and very happy that I made several pieces before we left on vacation. Now it will be a matter of packing artwork and shipping it once we get home. The photo which accompanies this post is a piece called "Feather Your Nest with Love".

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Raquel Mural

Just wanted to add another image before I sign off. This mural is featured at the end of a long corridor which leads into the bar. It is an iconic image from the 1960's (Raquel Welch in her fur bikini). Poor gal, must have been tough being so out of shape and homely. (Yeah Right!!) A gorgeous pose. This mural measures approximately 8 feet high.

I created this artwork specifically for Eddie. I hope you enjoy it for a long time.

Let's just hope the corridor doesn't get log jammed with panting men. Actually, yes we want that... if the men are hot they buy more drinks meaning more business for the bar. Perfect.

Painting Away at the Venue, New Cross

Another day, another mural. Actually today we painted more than one thing but who's counting (besides me). Todays images are of the Barbarella mural and the column located in the center of the bar. The Barbarella mural features Jane Fonda and the Angel. It is approximately 10 feet high and spans probably 8 feet across.

The colors used in the room are very warm and inviting. I am sure int he dead of winter it will be a favorite of those craving a little more warmth. As I was painting the vibrant Florida colors reminded me of home.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Painting the Venue, New Cross

We’ve started painting the new bar at the Venue on Friday and Saturday. Both days were at least 12 hours spent with a paintbrush in hand. Having earned a day of rest we made the decision to take today off. But back to work tomorrow.

I have included couple of images of what I am doing in the Venue with this entry. The theme of the room is the 1960’s. With that in mind the images are of Twiggy and Jane Fonda (from Barbarella). The image of Jane Fonda is cool because if you stand in just the right place the orange face lines up exactly with the blue face in the background.

The room sort of has a retro feel with a modern twist. Let me know what you think. I start working on the ceiling tomorrow. Will keep you posted on the state of the room (and my neck).