Sunday, June 23, 2013

3 Easy Pieces: NIADA Conference

The last kiln was unloaded for the NIADA conference this morning. Three pieces are going to San Francisco and I have to decide which 3 out of a kiln full. I think for sure the Frenchie: Marie Antoinette with the white socks. (the name makes me think of the Frank Zappa song Dirty Love), and while she's a bit subdued I really like the black and white one (Lacie), and I think I really like the one with the orange life jacket (Aunt Margaret's).

Ive asked my husband to help me decide which ones to take but I think we all know how that'll go.

I won't listen.  I rarely do. LOL.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

St. Lawrence River Rats by Victoria Rose Martin

I've been getting pieces together for the Bay House Artisan's in Alexandria Bay, NY. I've created a series of pieces call River Rats. That's the name given to people who spend a lot of time on the St. Lawrence. The pieces are based on memories of swimming at the Village Park and at Aunt Margaret's cottage at Clear Lake. We weren't allowed near the dock without out life jackets you know.

Ta da!! You'll notice these kids are standing. The bases resemble the rocks that jut from the St. Lawrence River. Some are glazed to have the look of moss and water lines. They also have holes in their backs so they can be hung on a wall too.

I am getting ready to send a few smaller pieces to the gallery in the next day or two. When we head up in July I am bringing the larger pieces with the girls riding on the castle. So if you're in Northern New York this summer make a trip to Alexandria Bay to visit the kids.