Saturday, June 16, 2018

Art Dolls

 I am still working on clay cloth combinations. Who knows, perhaps this is where the universe wants me to be.
 These girls are now on my Etsy store. I call them Forest Fairies (Bird and Fauna) I drew and painted on their little bodies. Soft colors, which is a departure from my electrifying circus colors.
Today I am cleaning my studio. It was such a mess I couldn't focus. Do you get like that too? Seriously... a friend commented to me "OCD much" uh, yes I guess so. Honestly, I couldn't set a cup of coffee on the table. Sorry I haven't written here much, will be better now that I have ditched Facebook.

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Getting Where I Need To Be

I have a bad feeling my thumb is going to be naughty for a very long time. Went to the doctor a few weeks back and he said it was a cyst on the knuckle: suggested surgery or as a hold over he could try to drain it and cortisone shot. Don't want surgery. Is my foot better from surgery? No.

 So while my thumb is being naughty I am going to keep it bandaged and keep on sewing and adding clay parts. I have to say I love the doll I have been working on. Here is a head shot. I held her out in the bushes but it was so windy... her hair got wild. She'll soon be listed on my Etsy store.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

One Month Until NCECA

The count down starts. Flying to Pittsburgh for a reception at Morgan Glass gallery and NCECA. It'll be the first time I travel without my husband since.... ever? Actually when my parent's died... but I digress. (cue the Debbie Downer music!) Dang. But on a brighter note, the show at Morgan looks great. If you're in the area pop by. Visit these two little dears.

Brexit Sessions. 

And this piece is called We All Have Demons, Some Are Just Cuter
I can't wait to fill my suitcase with ceramic tools. And seriously if you're there... please say hi. I am a real chatter box.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Going with the Flow

I hurt my thumb. Smoothing out a piece of clay. I've done it thousands of times and this one time my thumb said no. Not wanting surgery I've been terrified with the thought of going to a doctor.  They have a thing with cutting. And is it ever really better when they cut? 
Fibre art dolls by Victoria Rose Martin

Clay and cloth doll by artist Victoria Rose Martin
Clay and cloth doll by artist Victoria Rose Martin
 In the meantime while my thumb is healing I have been exploring making dolls out of fabric. Drawing patterns and playing with shapes; what I did right and what's going horribly wrong. But it's all learning and playing. Darts are now my best friend. Who would have thought?