Friday, May 25, 2012

Acquisition for the Permanent Collection: Cafesjian Center for the Arts, Armenia

I just received some really great news from Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA where I am currently taking part a Tea Pot exhibition. The Cafesjian Center for the Arts in Armenia has acquired one of my pieces for their permanent collection.

The piece they purchased is She Pot: Green Tea Leaves (accompanying this entry). As most of you know I tend to make sculptural pieces rather than functional ware. So rather than a tea pot I made a she pot. Her hair is meant to mimic a spout and she is a vessel with holes in her head for adding water or other liquid.

If you're in Pittsburgh in the near future please stop by and see her on display. Otherwise you'll have to trek to Armenia to visit my girl.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

La Ouija

How appropriate to share my new baby on Mother's Day. You might ask yourself "what do your clay babies give you on Mother's Day Victoria?" Well, they give me so much happiness. Getting that Christmas morning feeling when I open the kiln. Smiling when I see glazes that look better than I hoped. Running through the house with a piece that is still so hot I have to use pot holders because I have to show Jody. And best of all, knowing they wind up in the home of a person who loves them as much as I do is so rewarding.

So happy Mother's Day to all the mom's with kids made from flesh and blood and to those with babies made from art materials!

By the way, this piece is called La Ouija. As much as they scare and freak me out I love ouija boards.