Thursday, July 19, 2012

And another favorite

And it didn't take me long to begin clicking like a fiend in the British Museum. As soon as I hit the door I head for the Greek and Roman art. I know, I am so boring. But I can't get enough of the Hellenistic terracotta figures. So I absorb them first and then when I get my fill begin wandering the rest of the rooms in the museum. But why not? I live for the time I get to spend here in the summer. Absorbing the art and culture and allowing it to distill inside me the rest of the year. It really feeds my artistic soul.

 The figure accompanying this entry stands about 3 feet high and is sculpted from clay. Bits of glaze still stain her face and some of the higher surfaces of her hair. She's hollow. How do I know? Next to her are 2 similar figures which are headless. What I like about them is that one can see inside the torso and see the finger marks of a long forgotten artist. Today I am off to the National Portrait Gallery. Hopefully it won't be too crazy down in Trafalgar Square. As you may have heard the Olympics are coming and I think they're expecting one or two extra people on the streets.

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