Monday, December 31, 2012

Mr Bates and Anna: for you Downton Abbey Fans

With a new year starting I needed to post a new piece. Last night Jody and I did the rarest of rare. We sat and watched tv. (Gasp, shock, horror!!) PBS was showing the entire Downton Abbey Season 2 back to back. Me being me and not being able to sit still had my sketchbook in my lap and was drawing the characters. God I love some of Mary's dresses. And suddenly I realized Mr Bates and Anna would be the PERFECT double figure.

obrien 350x300 Conan OBrien as OBrien in Downton Abbey
Of course Anna wears her Edwardian apron and her ruffled maid's cap and as you can see I took a few liberties with Mr Bates. He has his pants tucked into boots and a vest (or waistcoat to you Brits) and his bowler hat. The figures are not done but I am having a lot of fun working on them.  Maybe I will start on of Mary and Matthew or O'Brian and Thomas. Ewww!! What great actors they (O'Brian and Thomas) are because they're just so hateful. I have to admit that I would have a ball sculpting O'Brian's hair! While Googling I came across this really funny picture of Conan O'Brien with O'Brian's hair which I've included. Hope it makes you smile.

Happy New Year everyone. Health, happiness and wonderful things for 2013.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Three Birds on a Three Dog Night

I just had to post these tonight. Last week when I was sick with pneumonia I couldn't even sit in my studio to sculpt. How frustrating. But me being me... I got a tray covered with a towel and several lumps of clay so I could sculpt while lying on the couch not having to move. (yes, I am a sick girl in many ways) But I had these creatures in me and they needed to get out. My goal is to do an installation with dozens and dozens of them on a wall. I want to be selfish and keep a bunch and wrap them around my living room wall. They will be sold separately but I love the idea of grouping them together or mixing and mingling birds with dogs or rabbits. Of course my human figures sprinkled among them too. 

As you know I have been making the animals to go with figures and I swear I can crank these beasties out bullet fast. I sit there spacing out with a chunk of clay and the next thing I know there's a critter in my lap. (clay critters and not rats or anything like that)
I hope you enjoy them. But I am totally having a lot of fun making them and isn't that what counts?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My New Web Site is Live

My new web site is live. Finally. Seriously I have been trying to figure out what to do for the past 2 years. There's a trail of files on my hard drives proving that I just couldn't decide. Then I would see another site I adored and say "oh I want one like that" I'd start building it and then I'd see something else and change my mind. If you want good inspiration for web sites visit thebestdesigns. You'll find so many cool web sites that you'll drool over. Don't blame me if you can't decide which you like the most. In fact, I won't even go there now because I know I'll see something I love and I'll have to change it all again.

All of the drawings on the home page are straight from my well worn sketchbooks. I've got stacks of them, some way back to the 1990's when I was an undergrad. It's fun sharing them. Summer vacations, dreams, it's all there.

And if you have a link you would like to share please send it and I will link to it on my inspiration page.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

4th National Juried Exhibition Show at MTSU

This piece is going to be part of the 4th National Juried Exhibition of Small Scale Works of Art at Middle Tennessee State University's Todd Art Gallery. The 12x12 exhibition will be comprised of works that do not exceed 12x12x12inches. The show opens January 17, 2013 and if you're in the area (which unfortunately I won't be) let me know. Take a picture of the show if you're able.
Today's the first day I've gotten into my studio to work since last week was spent battling pneumonia. Feeling better and I promise all the germs will burn off once they go into the kiln!

Friday, December 14, 2012

New web site coming soon

I am finishing up the last little fiddly bits on my new web site. Within the next few days I am going to pull down the old site and replace it with a new shiny version. You'll notice similarities and major differences. Biggest difference is the green is gone replace with clean white background.

I am including a screen shot of one version of the homepage. I say one version because each time you refresh the page the image changes. There are 12 different figures and sketchbook page combinations. So if you are so inclined be sure to hit the refresh button or go back home and notice the different layouts. If you are a web builder/ designer I got the code for the random image from javascriptkit. I love that site and send my students there all of the time. It's also worth mentioning I got the code for my form on the contact page from thesitewizard. Follow the instructions and you too can have a really easy form on your site. There are so many people sharing great bits out there. If you find any please share them with me too.

And I  have also decided that I am going to start showing more sketches and am about to start selling prints of my sketches in my Etsy shop. Well, the sketches that aren't covered in clay since I do use my sketchbooks while working in the studio. Hope you like the new concept for the site.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rock Out!

It's been a busy few weeks and I'd like to introduce you to the Royal Rocker. He is currently making his debut at Valentina's Treasures on Palm Beach Island. Valentina's is located on Peruvian just off Worth Ave. so if you're on the island check him out. There are 3 more rocking rockers in the kiln. And the good news, The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, PA sold out on all of my salt and pepper shakers. Yours truly is staring down winter break from school (thank you sweet Jesus!! and I say that with love to my students). So get ready for a whole lot of new art to come down the pipe.