Monday, April 28, 2014

May Calendar Page Ready for Download

Can you believe it I am a wee bit early! Here's the calendar for May. Feel free to download and use as your desktop calendar page. Personal use only please.
The sculpture is Long Rider, and like many of you; she's ready for summer.

Copyright your work the right way

After ages and ages of saying "I am going to copyright my figures" I did it. And it was really easy. You can copyright a whole bunch of images/artwork and compress or zip them and for $35 it's done. Here's a link to for my fellow Americans. To complete online click the Electronic Copyright Office and follow along. Big thanks to Alexandra for the inspiration.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Ready for Summer?

Fresh out of the kiln. Three new sets of doubles with their little dollies. 

Two are off to Florida Craftsmen Gallery and one will be posted on Etsy or Artisans on the Ave in Lake Worth. Having fun making little toy cuddly toys for the kids. Hope you like them.