Thursday, March 20, 2008

Palm Tree Mural

The palm tree painting went very well. As the result of painting so much for the past 6 weeks at Slainte, my hand just flew across the wall and the trees were completed in approximately 40 minutes. I lowered the price a bit because it was done so fast.

Today, I want to relax and read a book. Yesterday I paid a visit to my dear girlfriend Margaret's shop The Crystal Garden. While visiting she gave me a book to read; A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. If you are in Boynton Beach perhaps before you go to admire the gorgeous Slainte pub (wink wink), stop by Margaret's shop the and browse around. It is quite lovely. They provide complimentary tea and the store is chock full of incense and oils and I do buy a lot of my funky jewelry there.

I am a firm believer in supporting small local businesses and artists. Especially in these times where the economy is less than glowing, they need us.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Projects for an ARTist

I had a lovely conversation with someone yesterday about working as a full-time artist. I can't say it enough, if you do what makes you happy you are doing it right. Follow your dreams and they will lead you where you need to be.

My next projects are on the deck. I have to paint a palm tree in Boca tomorrow and meet with a potential web client, set up a blog for a really nice guy Ted Guarnero, a Realtor in Palm Beach County and in between I want to get a packet out to a museum.

I received confirmation today regarding my teaching this Summer at Palm Beach Community College. I will be teaching Intro to Drawing and Intro to Mac. So if you have always wanted to learn how to draw or use a mac, give it a try. Whether it is my class or someone elses, invest in yourself; take a class. Be good to yourself.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Slainte Is Open For Business

Ring the bells and spread the news, Slainte is open for business. People were literally knocking the doors down to get a look inside. Just a few more little bits and pieces for me and then my work for Slainte in Boynton Beach is complete. Everyone there was so great, Clem, Francis, Greg and not to forget Lennie. I hope you all enjoy the pub as much as I enjoyed painting it. This accompanying photo is the final for the large wall mural located in the Green Screen Room. I painted the wall around the mural to look like a vortex, giving you the feel of traveling through an Irish Time machine.

My husband Jody will be playing there every Sunday from 5 - 8 pm. I hope to see you then.

I would like to add that this pub has so inspired me I am sending a proposal to an Art Museum based on the extensive research I acquired as the result of this project and I will keep you posted on my progress.

Friday, March 7, 2008

My Favorite Creatures

This is my favorite painting (as of now) in Slainte. When you visit the pub be sure to look for it. It features imagery from the Book of Kells.

Slainte - with St. Patrick's Day Looming

Working 14 hour days last week didn't allow me to create a posting. Days were spent typesetting, drawing and painting at home and then painting in the pub until late into the night. As you can see from the photo, the pub is coming along FABULOUSLY.
To those of you chomping at the bit, the pub is scheduled to open March 12, 2008.

This accompanying photo shows the front main room.