Saturday, February 7, 2009

Up Coming Show- Food For Thought

Just a quick entry to let you know about the Food For Thought Show at the PBCC Eissey Campus Art Gallery. February 24 - March 27.

The opening is Tuesday February 24 from 5- 8 pm. There will be food, drink and conversation. Hope to see you there. My piece Serving Up Memories just so happens to be on the invitation.

Vixie Chix

After a whole lot of pondering we finally have a product name for my clay figures: Vixie Chix. The people most near and dear refer to me as Vix, Vixter, or Vixie (my mom calls me Vixie). So, combine that with my female figures and voila! Before I did anything else I did an internet search to see if the domain names were available and luckily they were.

If you are not familiar with the process of building a website, you need a domain name. That is you internet address such as So I went to and checked for availability. Another good rule of thumb when you are buying a domain name, consider buying a variation as well. I bought VixieChix and VixieChicks. That way if someone isn't sure of the spelling if they try either or they still find my site.

The new site is in development. My goal is to design a site that is totally off the wall.(would you expect anything else from me??) My goal is to create a lot of animations and tell stories about the Vixie Chix. Sort of a wacko story book online.

The sculpture that accompanies this entry is called Swim for Shore. It is a tea pot and will be part of the Mad Hatter Tea Pot Show at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach. Have a fun day!