Saturday, June 9, 2012

Couldn't leave it with that mess

Me being me couldn't leave that photo of my studio in boxes as a last word. It's awful. And do you know what's even more awful? Me still getting up in the morning and going into my studio even though I can't do any work. Jody said I am "addicted to my studio". (Shhh, don't tell him... but I think he's right).

Anyhow, I thought I'd put a prettier picture up to hide that view of the studio in the entry right below.
This is one of my newest favorite pieces. It's called Stanley. It's a wall hanging and is about 15 inches tall. I love the expression on this ones face. Sort of wistful, like they're reflecting on something in the past or dreaming about "what could be".

As you can tell I have really gotten into wall pieces this year. To me they're so much easier to display in my house. They aren't plopped on a table blocking anyone. They can be hung safely away from klutzes (like somebody I adore... even when he breaks my stuff). Like I've said before when I looked around my own house most of the art I collect is wall pieces so I said "ding dong" why aren't you making more? Hope you enjoy.

Sad Studio

Look at the state of my studio. Is this not the saddest thing? Okay, maybe not but it looks pretty hideous. No, not pretty hideous because there is nothing pretty about it. We're getting the last boxes together and Wednesday after teaching my classes we get a u-haul and start loading. Needless to say there are other more fun and exciting things I'd rather be doing than moving all of my junk; like giving birth, getting a full body wax, and a colonoscopy at the same time. But it's a necessary evil. My kids will be going to the gallery this evening and coming off Etsy. Enough of me hoarding them like some crazy cat lady. When I get the new studio together you can be sure I will post lots of pics.