Friday, February 5, 2016

Sea Legs

As some of you may know for the past 6 weeks I have been hobbling on crutches with a cast on my leg. Use crutches and you might realize how weak your arms really are (I did). Clip clopping and being immobile was horrible. Normally I never sit still. Of course like any artist I had to make a few pieces based on my experience. Notice these girls have no legs or feet and some have no arms. And they don't mind holding still.
 This is Clip Clop. Her legs are like the bottom of my crutches.
 This is Crab Cakes
And this little lady is Squid. And lately I've got an ocean thing going on.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Artist Proposals: Palm Beach State Art Gallery: Lake Worth

If you're an artist and make really nice work then I want to hear from you. As you may know I am a  Professor at Palm Beach State College. Recently I was asked to take over the art gallery on our Lake Worth Campus. I am so excited to help develop the arts in South Florida. So excited! And if you're an artist in South Florida and you would the opportunity to exhibit your work in a gallery please contact me (at work). And yes I work in a really cool building. So great telling people "look for the building with the big purple triangle".

And if you're saying "awww, I don't live in South Florida" don't despair! If you think you'd be able to ship work, safely and easily. That's cool too. But I do know local can be easier setting up. We artists have to look out for one another.

Exhibition Opportunity: South Florida Artists
The Gallery at Lake Worth, Palm Beach State is accepting artist submissions to exhibit in the gallery. Solo and group exhibitions. Email digital submissions to Victoria Martin: Please include Art Gallery or Artist Submission in the subject line.
Or snail-mail: Victoria Martin
4200 Congress Ave., MS# 15,  Lake Worth, FL 33461.