Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. It really is a wonderful day to sit back and reflect on all of the good things one has in their life. How lucky am I? To be surrounded by wonderful people, to have a house, a car, a studio, opportunities and people who like my art.

We were fortunate enough to get back safe and sound from St. Petersburg, Florida yesterday and the Thanksgiving traffic wasn't too crazy. While we were there new line of work was delivered to the Florida Craftsmen Gallery just in time for Black Friday. So if you're in the area please pop by and see the new work.

Maggie the gallery director at Florida Craftsmen told me that Cirque du Soleil is in St. Pete and if you can't make it to their show but want to take a little of the circus home with you stop by Florida Craftsmen and check out the new work. Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sketchy Business

I just sent off a series of sketches and mock ups for a commissioned piece. It's going to be life sized and a double. The picture accompanying this entry is fresh out of my sketchbook. Have I ever mentioned how much I love working in my sketchbook? Because I do. When I lack inspiration one of the first things I do is reach for a sketchbook and flip through the pages.

There was an art dealer a in my studio a few weeks back and he asked about influences. I picked up my sketchbook off the table and said something to the effect of "anything I see that inspires me I document" and I opened the sketchbook to show him sketches for the work adorning the walls and he replied "one day that's going to be worth a lot of money". That was so cool to hear.

So, if you're an artist work in your sketchbook. Draw what you see, draw what you love and when you aren't sure what to make or if you have an artistic block you'll have inspiration at your finger tips.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Busy Bee

Well the weather here in Florida has broken, it's perfection if I must say so myself. We've shut off the a/c and are enjoying the cooler weather. I just finished shooting images of the new work that was pulled out of the kiln today. I love the pictures that I got today. Not sure if it's the lighting outside, maybe it's the colors that I used when I glazed, I don't know but the images are just popping. The lighting is so dramatic. Probably just dumb luck (given my photography skills)

I am calling this piece Count To Nine. It's a double and it stands about 20 inches high. The title once again making reference to siblings in my family.

I am actually really busy, I've got a commission to make a life sized double figure and more galleries are selling out and need more work. Whew.  A good complaint to have. I've actually been really bad this week, repainting my living room instead of working in the studio. I've got some new wall pieces I am going to post on Etsy. Watch for those shortly.