Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Week of Painting

Very long time no see. Since my last posting we've bought a house and moved, became the Chair of the Art Department, and joined a new co-op gallery called Clay Glass Metal Stone. No stress.(please note the sarcasm). Anyhow, the last of the boxes are opening and shelves in the studio are being reassembled. My summer teaching is nearing the end, so overall life is pretty darn good.
This was a busy week of painting. Yesterday morning I did touch ups at Rooney's pub, this morning I touched up Slainte's, then looked at a space for a new Mexican Restaurant where I may be painting, and this Tuesday I will be painting at a big bash at the Cottage in Lake Worth.

Seemingly it is in conjunction with the Breakers on Palm Beach. A DJ from South Beach and MTV will be there and amongst it all will be me painting something red and abstract. At the end of the night the painting will be auctioned off for charity. If you are in the area and you intend on stopping by the Cottage please be sure and wear something red, Red Hot Summer Night is the theme.