Monday, August 27, 2012

Rabbit Rider

Finally, I am posting an image of one of the new babies. It might be old news to you if you saw it on Etsy already but with the craziness of the last week I haven't had the time to post an image. I am really having a lot of fun with these Riders. Right now I have 3 more on my table (2 on birds and 1 on a dog) and 5 new sets of male and female salt and pepper shakers (they've been getting moved around because of tornadoes and tropical storms).

When we were on vacation I did my usual day after day in the British museum and I of course paying extra homage to Canosan Pottery where I noticed broken shards of pottery that inspired these pieces. We'll see how these pieces evolve.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Studio: A Different View

Hello! I had planned on posting images of my new work today, however Tropical Storm Isaac had other plans. You're getting a photo of the view from my studio. This morning I began glazing my work at my table which you can see in the photo. "But the table is empty you ask"? Blame Isaac.

This afternoon there was this AWFUL roar (like a freight train) at the front of the house and I ran like a jack rabbit to the rear of the house where my studio is. When I got there I heard more roaring (go figure) and I saw my fence flying away. You can see the fence neatly piled in the yard behind the pool.

The news just stated the obvious "unconfirmed reports of a tornado in Lake Worth". After a major crying spell and overall freak out, like any true artist I moved all of my artwork off the table into the "safe room". (I am such a dork) It actually gives the rider pieces I've been sculpting new meaning. Very Wizard of Oz I must say.

Fingers crossed that's the worst of it.