Sunday, September 6, 2020

Summer is Over

Well, it's been awhile since i last showed up here. So what's new with you? Kidding! 2020 as I say is a dumpster fire of a year. But somehow in between I made some art and wrote a few books and created a lot of illustrations. Like always I find inspiration in nature.

This little foxy and her babies doing drive by visit.  The deer and their babies are regularly looking for apples. And I have been bringing my dolls out into the flower beds.

We just have to keep doing, keep exploring, keep being yourself. Listen to yourself more often and if you feel overwhelmed, turn off the tv and social media.  Enjoy every day. 

Friday, April 3, 2020

Wearable Art with Meaning

 I hope everyone out there is keeping well and self-isolating during this horrible COVID-19 pandemic. It's such a stressful time. I consider myself so fortunate that I teach and I still have a paycheck. We're all under a lot of stress. The past few weeks have been bonkers building all of my classes online all the while learning the software and helping my co-workers do the same.
 Amidst the drama and the dust starting to settle I need to get back into my studio, which has been horribly ignored the past three weeks. Today I tidied it a bit because my studio is now also my virtual classroom.
These images are little oil paintings which I turned into brooches. They are embroidered, beaded, and embellished. They are in honor of the one-hundredth anniversary of women having the right to vote. Stay safe and be kind to one another, and remember to vote in November. Some of our ancestors died to get that right.