Monday, July 25, 2011

Creative Spark and Amsterdam

You'll find a nice interview on Create Mixed Media. There are photos of my studio and some interiors of my house. And yes, my dining room really is purple and turquoise. One of the questions asked of me was "if I could spend one day making art with someone who would it be?". I said Vincent Van Gogh.

We spent last week in Amsterdam and I got to visit the Vincent Van Gogh museum. Seeing so much of his work was very inspirational. Aside from drooling over Van Gogh's work, one of the thing I will remember the most about Amsterdam was the number of bicycles in the city. Holy crap crossing the street was seriously taking one's life in their own hands. Back in the states we have multi level parking garages for cars, in Amsterdam they are PACKED with bikes. The photo attached here is just a tiny detail of a garage.

There were bikes under canal bridges, bike racks where they had them stacked three high. Aside from bikes there are some nice museums in Amsterdam including the Rijk Museum (Rembrandt's night watch was the highlight) and the Hermitage.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Thatched Cottage- A Lovely Sight

Happy Fourth of July!! (my favorite holiday)

Here is an image of a thatched cottage located at Kilmore Quay (Quay is pronounced Key) in Ireland. It's nice to see the cottages with the thatched roofs, it really gives you a feel of being somewhere else. From what I hear the Irish government provides grants to people who replace their modern roofs for thatched. They're beautiful, one can't help but stop admire them.

Ireland hasn't let us down, the weather as they say has all 4 seasons in one day. Today was lovely, about 70 degrees which has been the warmest day so far. We'll see what tomorrow brings.