Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Etsy

Another day and another phone call with my sister and after our conversation lots of ideas to explore in clay. (Watch for lots of animal companions). In the meantime thought I would share another piece that is available in my Etsy shop. This wall sculpture is called Think Think. He measures about 16 inches high and has a handy little hole in his back so he can easily be hung on a nail or screw.

You might notice if you zoom in that this wee little lad is anatomically correct. His tidy whities aren't hiding anything. I realized I was sculpting so many female forms and I was neglecting the boys. I am enjoying cutting in their six packs and even their "niblets". I hope you enjoy the work and be sure to cruise on over to Etsy if not to see my work browse what they have to offer. So much beautiful hand made work. And you are putting money into the pocket of a real live person and not a huge corporation.

Friday, November 25, 2011

New Pieces on Etsy

My sister Kelly phoned me today and said "I went to your blog and you haven't written anything in ages, why not?" So in honor of Kelly I am posting an image of a new sculpture which I have for sale on Etsy. This wall sculpture measures approximately 17 inches high is actually inspired by childhood memories of Kelly and me.

The joined bodies represent the closeness siblings share. The white wing represents the protection of an unseen guardian angel. It can also represent how regardless of the squabbles you may have you are joined to family and hold an unseen bond. The panties they wear are similar to the horrible rubber pants we wore over our cloth diapers. (I know... TMA)

In nutshell, if you have family that you love tell them so. Kelly, I love you and thanks for poking to write this. Hey... that sounds like a great concept for another piece.