Monday, January 28, 2008

Painting the Pub: Slainte

Well, I have been painting my arms and shoulders off. Or at least they feel as if they are going to fall off! Despite my whining Slainte is looking great (if I must say so myself). Thus far, I have been working on the massive ceilings.

Slainte is going to be a big, clean and bright pub with a lot of custom features such as a wrought iron tree, massive stone fireplace and decorative scroll work.

I have realized lately that I have now have done work for: Rooney's Pubs in Abacoa, Jog Road & Clematis Street, Brogues on the Avenue, Kingston's Irish Times, T.P. Hoolihan's in Fort Myers & Spider Murphy's. I have become quite the Irish Pub painter. Anyhow, I will post more images when I have more progress to show. I anticipate having the ceilings completed in the next day or two, depending on the construction workers getting their piles off the floor.

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Bob said...

The fire place sounds cool(or hot).We might just come up to take a look at the paint job and see if you want to do our house. Just kidding. We will get together one weekend and check it out. Love you lots. Bob