Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Slainte Faux Update

Everyday we go to work it is like Christmas morning. Which new pieces will you find installed? The good news, the ceilings are done! It was great painting them. I did a bit of veining near the edges where the ceiling and walls meet, so it gives the feel of age and wear to the clean & bright pub.

I am particularly fond of the ceiling near the fire place. I grew up in the cold snow belt along the St. Lawrence River known as the Thousand Islands in a little town called Alexandria Bay, New York and remember how our Ben Franklin wood-stove used to totally smoke up the house. It gave our ceilings (and lungs) the same smokey effect, although we weren't looking to achieve the aged look in either place.

I digress. The faux is so light and clean. We're days away from starting the spot art. The base wall color is done and for obvious reasons it is easier to conceptualize the placement of spot art once the bar fixtures are installed. Once I get a few pieces dropped in I will upload another image so you can watch the progress.

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