Monday, January 14, 2008


I have been preparing for the INATS East Conference (International New Age Trade Show) at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida on January 26th. I will discussing the importance of having an online presence.

The basic theme of my speech is: Today there are so many free or low cost alternatives to having a large expensive web site. You can buy a domain name very inexpensively with companies such as GoDaddy or WebMasters and while you are there you can build a site using one of their online templates. Or if you don't mind a challenge, build one from scratch using software such as Frontpage or Dreamweaver.

The point being, there really is no excuse to not have some form of web exposure. For example, this blog on blogger is absolutely free. One can sign up for a home page on Google, absolutely free. There is Facebook, or MySpace, which are social networks where you can connect with people, sell things or look for jobs. Who hasn't heard of YouTube? Why couldn't you post a video of yourself doing something interesting and informative? Or post a podcast of a seminar on i-tunes?

Basically, if you are providing a service that people want or need, then you ought to have an online presence. Be sure you have links on your site. They can help you have better ranking in search engines. The last thing you want is a dead-end site. Oh, and be sure to let people know you are indeed online. Send your friends, family and email contacts your links. It is all about networking on the world wide web.

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