Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Victoria Rose Martin's Blog

Don't quit your day job? Too Late! I did. Prior to leaving the 9-5 routine I was so worried with logical thoughts such as "how will I eat?" Then my goofy artistic side would rear its head to reply "yeah, but you will be nice and skinny if you don't eat." Now after all of the worry and stress, I still can't believe how great it feels being a full time artist again.

Upon earning two separate Masters Degrees in Fine Art I happily accepted a job in the corporate world as a Graphic Designer. Don't get me wrong, I loved the actual work, and I still work as a freelance Graphic Designer as well as an Artist. However, I began wishing away weekdays, praying for Friday so I could have time to make art. Being confined to a tiny office day in and day out began to kill my spirit.

A die hard optimist, I heard Joseph Campbell's words to "follow your bliss" ringing in my head. So, I did. My message is to follow your heart. Enjoy life and most importantly; be happy. This is my journey.


Jules said...

Vic I have no lack in your ability to not only feed yourself, it seems like you were not even eating when I worked with you in the "Corporate" skinny lady, but to become more successful(both emotionally and professionally) than you ever knew was coming.

Sending out good vibes to you always!!!

Love, Your soul sister- Julia

Ted Guarnero said...


Only a few lucky people will get to be in your shoes. You will hear more and more people tell you how lucky your are.

Remember to tell them them the harder I work the luckier I get.

It could not happen to a better person... well except maybe me.

Ted Guarnero

Anonymous said...

Dear Victoria,
Having worked side by side with you "on the other side of the glass" and seeing you every day wasting away in the corp. world I can only say my loss is the world's gain. Will miss seeing your smiling face but know that the artist in you will now be free to create and to enjoy what you love doing.
Happy New Year!!!
Much Love, Al