Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thank you Art Junkie

I just got in from breakfast at the Farmer Girl diner where I stuffed my face with I swear the BEST blueberry pancakes in South Florida. And as a result I was feeling pretty happy with life. And then I read my email and then I realized that I could feel 100 times happier.

I received a message from a blogger called Global Art Junkie. As I read what they wrote about my art it really brought a tear of JOY to my eye. To know that something I made touched another person so deeply is so humbling.

Ironically this week I have been on spring break and as I have been working in my studio I have been watching past episodes of Oprah's Life Class (I know... TMI) but it got me thinking "how do I serve others?" I really have a desire to make some sort of difference in the world and touch the lives of others. I know I teach and that directly touches the lives of my students, but what about my art? Just this morning I said to myself "how do I know I am on the right path and am I making a difference to somebody or following my calling"?  It's almost as if the universe heard me, or Art Junkie heard me. It's really funny because as we race around in our daily life we don't know how something we say, do, or make will affect another person. I am honored and flattered that my art speaks to you Art Junkie. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that the synchronicity also applied to you. I am truly grateful for the change you made in my life. Thank you.

The Art Junkie

Leanne E said...

It is wonderful to see how we touch the lives of others unknowingly! Thank you both for sharing :)

Victoria said...

And I am grateful for you too. There is no such thing as a coincidence. Thank you.