Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thanks to Florida Craftsmen Gallery

I seriously need to tip my hat and lavish adoration onto Diane Shelly and Maggie Duffy at Florida Craftsmen Gallery. Tomorrow Jody and I were going to hike up to St Petersburg to deliver art. However, it just so happened that Diane was down this way and offered to pick up my work for me. How totally nice is that? Seriously. How nice is that? So now I am not staring at a 4 hour drive (each way). All I can say is Wow.

The work gets installed at the Tampa Airport this week and there are a bunch of new pieces for the gallery on the way. Here are two pieces that you'll see at Florida Craftsmen this week. The first is a salt and pepper set which I totally love with sort of leaf forms on them. I am REALLY happy with the glaze. And the other is a double figure with a heart illustration on it. The title is Joined at the Heart for obvious reasons. So if you're near the gallery please stop by give a shout out to Maggie and Diane, they're SO nice.

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