Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter in Florida

I keep hearing all this talk on the news about snow storms up north. Well, this is the time of year we all love here in Florida. The photo above is the Lake Worth Pier. Living nearby, Jody and I walked over the bridge and visited the beach. Just thought I'd rub it in to those of you up to your eyebrows in snow.

Retracting my claws and on a less bitchy note, I've got a couple more large pieces on the table. You can compare sizes with the small figures on the wall. This photo was taken earlier while the girls were under wraps and enjoying the warm sun. In case you're not a clay person the figures are draped in plastic to keep them wet until I finish building them.  The figure on the left was starting to lean a bit from the hot sun cooking her on one side. Nothing a little spin on the banding wheel and some water couldn't cure. Will post pictures when they're a little further along. They do now have heads and are standing up on the floor. Being so "vertically challenged" I couldn't reach high enough to add facial features.

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