Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Solo Show at Pence Gallery, Davis, CA

If you see me in the next few days you're going to see a humongous smile on my face. Why you ask? Spring break. What lovely words.

Over spring break I will be loading Missy (my car) full of art to take up to Florida Craftsmen gallery. They've asked me to put work in the Tampa Airport. Also, last week I was offered a solo show at Pence Gallery in Davis, CA for the month of December. How exciting is that? Also, part of an Art Doll show at Florida Craftsmen in April. Needless to say I will be a sculpting maniac for the near future. But being the workaholic that I am... sort of love it. Stressed, but enjoying the challenge.

So, be sure to stay posted. Lots of stuff going on. This piece is another life size (like a 2-3 year old child). I call her Lucky. She'll be sure to bring safe flights and good luck to anyone who sees her in Tampa Airport. So if you're passing by and see her snap a picture and let me know you were keeping her company.

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Leanne E said...

Gorgeous! So happy to hear you are getting more recognition, and that the girls are getting more exposure :) Congratulations!