Thursday, February 7, 2013

Evil Eye Warder

I got a call from Florida Craftsmen Gallery on Monday and they asked if I would want to show my work in the Tampa International Airport. So I said yes and I think this is one of the pieces I am going to include. She's the Evil Eye Warden or the Evil Eye Warder Offer. Get it, she wards off the evil eye.

After all, what's better in an airport than a creature who keeps bad luck at bay? She's a big girl measuring 28 inches from her feet to the tip of her crown. And I actually built her in 2 pieces so she could fit into a kiln.

I am pleased with the glaze, her face reads pretty realistic. Almost creepy... but I like it like that. A lot.


Leanne E said...

Love her Don't Mess With Me expression! Congratulations :)

Victoria said...

She kicks butt man! And her little hands on the hips means no evil eyes wanted. How the heck are you Leanne? Hope you are doing well. You'll enjoy the photo of the pier I just posted in my new entry. Lovely day today.
Have a great night, big big hugs.