Saturday, December 22, 2012

Three Birds on a Three Dog Night

I just had to post these tonight. Last week when I was sick with pneumonia I couldn't even sit in my studio to sculpt. How frustrating. But me being me... I got a tray covered with a towel and several lumps of clay so I could sculpt while lying on the couch not having to move. (yes, I am a sick girl in many ways) But I had these creatures in me and they needed to get out. My goal is to do an installation with dozens and dozens of them on a wall. I want to be selfish and keep a bunch and wrap them around my living room wall. They will be sold separately but I love the idea of grouping them together or mixing and mingling birds with dogs or rabbits. Of course my human figures sprinkled among them too. 

As you know I have been making the animals to go with figures and I swear I can crank these beasties out bullet fast. I sit there spacing out with a chunk of clay and the next thing I know there's a critter in my lap. (clay critters and not rats or anything like that)
I hope you enjoy them. But I am totally having a lot of fun making them and isn't that what counts?

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