Monday, December 31, 2012

Mr Bates and Anna: for you Downton Abbey Fans

With a new year starting I needed to post a new piece. Last night Jody and I did the rarest of rare. We sat and watched tv. (Gasp, shock, horror!!) PBS was showing the entire Downton Abbey Season 2 back to back. Me being me and not being able to sit still had my sketchbook in my lap and was drawing the characters. God I love some of Mary's dresses. And suddenly I realized Mr Bates and Anna would be the PERFECT double figure.

obrien 350x300 Conan OBrien as OBrien in Downton Abbey
Of course Anna wears her Edwardian apron and her ruffled maid's cap and as you can see I took a few liberties with Mr Bates. He has his pants tucked into boots and a vest (or waistcoat to you Brits) and his bowler hat. The figures are not done but I am having a lot of fun working on them.  Maybe I will start on of Mary and Matthew or O'Brian and Thomas. Ewww!! What great actors they (O'Brian and Thomas) are because they're just so hateful. I have to admit that I would have a ball sculpting O'Brian's hair! While Googling I came across this really funny picture of Conan O'Brien with O'Brian's hair which I've included. Hope it makes you smile.

Happy New Year everyone. Health, happiness and wonderful things for 2013.

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