Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Painted My Studio

Well I've done it again. I painted my studio yet again. I think this makes it 5 times in just over 2 years! Ha! But hey it's my sanctuary, it's my studio. A place that reflects the inner me (painted 5 times in 2 years... I think that makes the inner me a total wack-a-doodle).

Anyhow, here is a shot I took yesterday afternoon when I got in from work. I ran to the studio (to appreciate the new paint) and opened the blinds and the sun was just dazzling on the freshly painted coral colored walls (Valspar: Wet Coral is the actual color). And my little sculpture looked so dramatic with the light falling on it. The piece is unfinished. She is green (unfired) and I haven't titled her yet. While building her I kept thinking of the princess and the pea.I must google it because I can't remember anything other than the girl slept on a stack of mattresses and felt a tiny pea underneath it all.(or at least that sounds right).

If you get stuck for ideas, reflect your favorite childhood stories and illustrate them in whatever way you can. I'll post more images when the work is fired.

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J said...

Congratulations!! You've been quite busy:) Love the sculpture and the studio. The new color looks great. Take Care!