Saturday, June 16, 2018

Art Dolls

 I am still working on clay cloth combinations. Who knows, perhaps this is where the universe wants me to be.
 These girls are now on my Etsy store. I call them Forest Fairies (Bird and Fauna) I drew and painted on their little bodies. Soft colors, which is a departure from my electrifying circus colors.
Today I am cleaning my studio. It was such a mess I couldn't focus. Do you get like that too? Seriously... a friend commented to me "OCD much" uh, yes I guess so. Honestly, I couldn't set a cup of coffee on the table. Sorry I haven't written here much, will be better now that I have ditched Facebook.

Don't forget to look for me on Instagram @Vixterina and you will see more posts. You can always say hi!

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Megan Wallace said...

So lovely to see a post from you! I'm not following you on Instagram yet, but heading straight over there to do so. Yeah, FB has become a playground where druggies scatter needles, we need to go to a better place.