Sunday, March 4, 2018

Getting Where I Need To Be

I have a bad feeling my thumb is going to be naughty for a very long time. Went to the doctor a few weeks back and he said it was a cyst on the knuckle: suggested surgery or as a hold over he could try to drain it and cortisone shot. Don't want surgery. Is my foot better from surgery? No.

 So while my thumb is being naughty I am going to keep it bandaged and keep on sewing and adding clay parts. I have to say I love the doll I have been working on. Here is a head shot. I held her out in the bushes but it was so windy... her hair got wild. She'll soon be listed on my Etsy store.


Megan Wallace said...

She's beautiful! Hope your thumb heals itself, and quickly!

Victoria said...

Thank you Megan!!