Monday, June 15, 2015

New Large Sculptures

 Just finished these large sculptures today. Very happy with them, and very happy to be done to be honest. It's taken a few months to create them. They stand in my studio looking like they're ready for a mission.
And me kneeling with them to show you scale. They really make me happy. So far their names are from left to right: Where the Wind Blows, Prophet, and Anastasia. Each one holds her wings. And Where the Wind Blows on the left has a grackle's nest (bird). I found it on the ground after a bad rain storm.


Leanne E said...

They are all ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! What a wonderful addition they would be to any home or public space! Hope you are all enjoying the summer <3

J said...

Wow....These are beautiful pieces. Enjoy the rest of your summer.