Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Big Doll Sculpt

I posted these on facebook but realized I should put them on my blog too. My latest big girl. She's got her wings in her hand.
 She's got nest making materials in her pouch.
 And here I am  crawling around on the floor doting on my ceramic daughter.
She's got moss on her feet and a tiara on her head.


Leanne E said...

Do the charms on her necklace have meaning as well? I'm feeling a need to put together some adornments myself :) Happy Spring!!!

Victoria said...

Yes, they're little milagros for healing and good vibes. It always means something with me. If something is reported to be good luck, I am in. Don't you love little charms? And who doesn't like good vibes. And almost happy summer to you my sweet.