Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Table Today

Thought I would post a couple of images of my table top. I've been trying new things. Pieces with movable arms and legs... flapping wings. And really large shakers for sprinkling cinnamon and sugar onto toast. Loading the kiln today.  It's funny because I sometimes see images of other artists tables and theirs are so clean? How do they do that? Really? I wind up  working and boxing myself into a messy corner. But after the kiln is loaded the paper is changed and the order returns.


Leanne E said...

Love the idea of movable arms and legs!!! Happy Holidays and Hugs <3

Victoria said...

Me too! I have more body parts in my studio than a serial killer. And I keep running around the house with wings Kawing like a crow. Happy Holidays to you too.