Thursday, August 8, 2013

Article in Hibu magazine

I just received a link to an article on my work written by fellow ceramic artist Joyce Brown in Hibu magazine. To see the article go to page 18.


Leanne E said...

Great article! Wow, you sound even busier than I am... Can't believe how clean you can stay when you are creating. Whenever I am doing anything (even just a wee bit), someone who I drop things to talk with (not in my "studio") always asks what I am painting-- if it's not on my clothes it's in my hair... Happy creating :)

Victoria said...

Seriously... you don't know how MESSY I get. I had a gallery director here last week and he wanted to peek into the studio. I had to tell him no. Oh, just awful.
And I painted my living room white this week. My legs are covered and I asked my poor husband to help move something and he put his head against the wall... COVERED HIS HAIR in paint.
Happy Creating to you too!!