Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Wee Little Doggy

I just had to show this new little piece for the show in Philadelphia, PA at the Clay Studio. The work has to be no larger than 4 inches high and I had to make a wee little tiny replica of the Doggy and his ball. It's really funny seeing the "mini me" version of the dog with the larger figure. And the larger version is only about 11 inches high but it just goes to show you one mans big is another persons small. Then as I was pecking at my work I thought let me take a photo of my work table. So you'll see the little dog again lying next to lumps of clay.

Quite often people ask me what my favorite tool is. Honestly, it's the magenta colored knife next to the dog. I've literally torn my studio apart in desperation looking for it. There are two, but the second one is playing hide and seek. Second favorite, the buff colored knife located to the left. Primarily that's all I really use for tools. And on the table: Wobbly legs are held with skewers, dry clay gets a spritz, and growling belly gets almonds.

Of course there are boards covered in canvas which I wash down with a garden hose every time a kiln is loaded. Cans and buckets of water for dirty little hands (since I don't have a sink in the studio). I thought about moving the clicker for the tv but hey, it's reality. It aint pretty but it's the view of my table.


Leanne E said...

Looks like you are having fun regardless :) Hope spring is springing-- we just got about 7 inches of snow :( April last year brought a lot of white rain too... Hugs :)

Victoria said...

Aw! I won't tell you that the heat index was 93 today and that when I got in from work I went swimming in the pool. I won't tell you that because that would just be mean.
I am having a ball. hope you get nice warm weather and all the pretty flowers that follow.