Saturday, November 3, 2012

Busy Bee

Well the weather here in Florida has broken, it's perfection if I must say so myself. We've shut off the a/c and are enjoying the cooler weather. I just finished shooting images of the new work that was pulled out of the kiln today. I love the pictures that I got today. Not sure if it's the lighting outside, maybe it's the colors that I used when I glazed, I don't know but the images are just popping. The lighting is so dramatic. Probably just dumb luck (given my photography skills)

I am calling this piece Count To Nine. It's a double and it stands about 20 inches high. The title once again making reference to siblings in my family.

I am actually really busy, I've got a commission to make a life sized double figure and more galleries are selling out and need more work. Whew.  A good complaint to have. I've actually been really bad this week, repainting my living room instead of working in the studio. I've got some new wall pieces I am going to post on Etsy. Watch for those shortly.

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Leanne E said...

Wondering where their anticipation is taking them :) Glad to hear the weather has settled...