Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Snowbird Figure

There was  a lovely lady (Constance) who wanted to buy a particular figure from my Etsy shop ask if I had another piece similar to one that had sold.  I told her I would make another similar to it. So here she is so far. It's nice making something that will hopefully mean something to another person. I asked her what she liked in my figures and she listed the following: mis-matched stockings, a crown, an orange striped bathing suit, the word snowbird, and her little hands on her hips kind of sassy looking.

Isn't it funny how often people don't ask for things they want and in reality the person they are afraid to ask or don't want to "inconvenience" doesn't see it that way at all. Personally, I love making commissioned pieces. Creating work of a certain color, size or with special words or symbols for others is fun. So if there's something you want that isn't illegal or life endangering just ask.

Like my mom used to say "the worst thing people can say is no. They can't kill you and eat you". Well, unless you're in a bad sci-fi movie, but otherwise they can't. On this day I thought it appropriate to mention mom. I miss you.

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