Saturday, April 28, 2012

Every once in awhile I make a piece and I have to live with it for awhile. Meaning you won't see it appear on Etsy or in one of the art galleries for a long time, if at all. This piece is one of them. I call it Queen B. It's a wall piece and they measure approximately 11 inches in height. I adore the little gal on the right. She just makes me smile and her outfit reminds me of my sister Kelly's mountain climber pants she used to wear as a child. (Sorry Kelly, you're busted! And happy birthday). They look sort of raggedy and tough. Like they'd fit perfectly in the story Oliver Twist.

I did put a few piece up on Etsy today. Two of them are free standing double forms. I got a request from people at the gallery for more free standing work, so I have a few more on the table.

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Leanne E said...

They are all gorgeous! Thanks for the peek :)