Sunday, March 18, 2012

The opening was great last night at JF Gallery, however in my haste to get to the opening I left my camera at home. (boo hiss!!) I got to see my pal Karla Walter, who by the way is a fantastic artist. And a really nice person. And the good news is we both sold pieces last night. When I arrived she pointed out the red dot that accompanied my work. There was a great turn out and a lot of lovely art. 

I got home last night and did some glazing, loaded and fired Chrissy the Kiln and I just unloaded about an hour ago (the beauty of a small kiln is they cool faster). I shot a few images of the new work, this being one of them. She reminds me of a mermaid without a tail. I've really gotten into wavy hair lately. For now I am calling her Windy. 

And I have to pull salt and peppers off Etsy because a gallery wants them so adore them while you can. I have to get my butt out into the studio and crank out some more. Watch for updates!

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Leanne E said...

Glad to hear that more of your girls found good homes :)