Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Face Vase

I am on spring break and happier than a clam in high tide... or something like that. Prior to break I had said to everyone I was going to put a cot in my studio and actually I have come pretty darned close. It's so nice having so much time to sculpt. I started these pieces last night. They are vases just right for one flower. I went outside and picked a hibiscus from the front yard and stuck it in one of their heads. It's like the one on the right is like "hey bee-atch where's my flower?"

They totally remind me of the large over sprayed hairstyles of the 1950's. What were they called, beehives? Bouffants? Or one of the girl singing groups from the same era. Actually the inspiration behind these: I was sitting out on my patio looking at the clouds and for some reason they reminded me of poofy hairdo's. And yes, I am a strange girl.

Lately I've been firing on Saturdays, we'll see if I can get these girls done by then. If I do watch my Etsy for a few new pieces. Right now I have 4 of these head vases. They stand about 10 inches high. And I am probably going to have a couple of double figures too.

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