Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tooo Big

I loaded a kiln late last night and fired it today but why you ask is my bottom lip is all pouty and quivering? Because one of my girls was too big for the kiln. (big sigh... she's 23.5 inches tall) I get so darned impatient to see them fired. Maybe that is why the universe guided me to clay in the first place because it is really about patience. If clay is too wet it falls, and you patiently have to wait for it to dry. And then you have to wait for the work to dry before putting it into a kiln. Then if you heat a kiln too fast the work blows up, so you have to take it slow. When the kiln reaches temperature and begins cooling I pace like a father in the delivery room. Sticking paper in the peeps to see if it catches on fire, blowing fans towards the kiln and an ever vigilant ear listening for pinging and popping meaning it's cooling too fast and in danger of breaking. Oh... patience. So once this gal dries I can bring her to the Craft Gallery and have Betty, my clay angel fire my baby. I'll post a picture of her when she's done.

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