Friday, June 24, 2011

SoFlo Ceramics Show at the Armory Art Center

Just got home from delivering artwork to the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach and noticed one of my pieces on the postcard for the SoFlo Ceramic Show. Opening Reception July 22 6-8pm. Very cool indeed. The images accompanying this entry are the pieces I brought to the Armory for the show. They are approximately 13" x 8 x 7". I am having a lot of fun exploring the idea of the bed in my pieces lately. The bed plays such a large part in our lives. I remember as a kid getting sent to dad's house with my sisters and the three of us having to share a single bed. We'd pile onto the mattress utilizing every square inch. Also, the fact that I deal with migraines and these hateful headaches dictate that I am confined to a darkened room in bed several days out of a month. So for now I am exploring figures in bed and I really hope you can make it to the Armory to check out the show, remember they also have fantastic classes and studio space.

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