Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jody and Benny Jammming

Jody played yet another gig in Dublin at Doolin’s on Holles Street. Last night he was joined on stage by long time pal and band mate Benny White. Jody and Benny first performed together during the 70’s in bands such as Elmer Fudd and Portrait. Jody wants you all to know that “it was a pleasure for Benny to be on stage with him again”. You can see from the photo that accompanies this entry that both Jody and Benny have since(the 1970's)gotten their hair trimmed by a considerable amount.

Tonight we enjoy a night off and a couple of pints. We are plotting our next week here. I have created designs for a bar in London. So we are most likely heading back over there next week so I can create some murals. Will keep you updated.

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