Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dublin, Ireland Just a WEE Bit Cooler...

We are in Dublin, Ireland and from the moment we stepped off the plane there was just something in the air... I call it ICE!! Seriously, the temperature in Ireland is much cooler than what we had in London. I have been wearing a heavy wool jacket, sweater, two shirts and a scarf. Yep, summer in Ireland where you can experience 4 seasons in one day. So happy I brought that little bikini. I could use the top as ear muffs.

All kidding aside, it is so lovely here. And boys and girls we must remember, it is the rain which gives the Emerald Isle her lovely green grass, happy flower boxes, and ENORMOUS CROWS.

Jody and I got a wonderful tour of the Book of Kells yesterday from his friend Benny. (thanks Benny!) Tonight we are heading out to Brady's Pub (yes Denise, just like Days) for a pint tonight.

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