Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Professor Martin- Thank You Very Much!

Here is an image from my new body of artwork which was delivered to Florida Craftsmen Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is a gorgeous space located in the historic downtown district. If you find yourself in St. Pete, please go to the gallery and take a look around. Don't be bashful, visit an art gallery. The most amazing part about Florida Craftsmen is that the price point in the gallery fits most everyone's pocket. I found pieces for under $20 all the way up to several thousands of dollars.

This piece titled "Feather Your Nest" is made out of fired ceramic clay, it is glazed with slips, underglazes, and oxides and measures 7 inches high. This piece is a decorative box, please notice the small square shape on the front is a drawer. Just the right size for jewelry or other small treasures. I will update the rest of my new work on my website as soon as I am able.

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Bob said...

Vic,(I mean Professor Vic) I am so proud to be your slightly older brother.Your just amazing. Life is good and your art is better. I will see you next weekend.Love ya lots. Bob