Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back to Work

Hello and I am sad to report to those of you who don't know, but my father died on May 5th. As a result blogging sort of went down to the bottom of my list of things to do. Only now almost a month later do I feel like I am finally coming out of the fog.

I thought I would pay a small tribute to my father by posting a couple of images of him back when he was strong and able bodied. These are pictures of the father I want to remember. The man who used to bring me home a dill pickle in his lunch box. The man who could grow anything in his garden and taught me to respect nature and all of her creatures. Daddy O, Til We Meet Again, I love you.


Bob said...

Vic, Thanks for posting these pictures. The one with the pink trlr. is the way I rember him. Love Ya Lots. Bob

Victoria said...

Love you more Bob. In fact, if you look in the background I see you as a little boy. John, Dickie and then you. Yes, I want to remember him like this, not in the hospital. Who is the best brother a girl could ask for? YOU.